Rats is the first episode it premired on Febuary 5 2016


After witnessing the unintentional death of a hooker by the mayor, two rats named Mike and Phil attend a party where it is discovered that Phil has never made babies while Mike raises his newborn daughter Rebecca as she grows into an adult over the course of the party. As Phil falls in love with Rebecca, he learns that he ate rat poison and spends his final moments finally having sex with Rebecca raising their son Phil Jr. Meanwhile two police horses, voiced by Paul Scheer and Matt Walsh, discuss a friend who has become a race horse; also two bed bugs voiced by Mark Duplass and Rob Corddry, move into the mayor's pubic hair and talk about one of their divorce and subsequent midlife crisis.




Season 1
Rats Pigeons Cats Dogs Rats (2) Pigeons (2) Flies Squirrels. Part I Squirrels. Part II Turkeys.
Season 2
Rats. (3) Pigeons. (3) Roaches. Squirrels. (2) Humans. Rats. (4) Cats Part 1. Cats Part 2. Worms Birds Possums. Dog.